Olema's Science

Olema is leveraging its exquisite knowledge of the molecular action of the estrogen receptor to develop treatments for breast and other cancers.

Olema's OP-1250: A Complete Estrogen Receptor Antagonist

Each year, approximately 250,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States alone. 70-80% of patients have breast cancers in which the tumor cells express estrogen receptors (ER) that drive proliferation. Olema Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has used its unique understanding of the estrogen receptor to develop a new class of drugs for the treatment of ER-positive breast cancer: Complete Estrogen Receptor Antagonists (CERANs). These drugs are designed to both completely inactivate and degrade ER, and to be taken daily as an oral pill. Olema's lead compound OP-1250 is a potent, oral CERAN that blocks estrogen-driven gene activity and proliferation, degrades the estrogen receptor in human breast cancer cells, and shrinks human breast cancer tumors in a mouse xenograft model at unprecedentedly low doses. Olema intends to take OP-1250 into human clinical studies in 2020.

Olema's CAR T Brake Pedal

A dramatic breakthrough in treatment of lymphoma and leukemia has come from the development of the new CAR T therapy in which patient's T cells, a type of white blood cells, are collected, engineered to recognize and attack tumor cells and reintroduced into the patient. Unfortunately, if the reintroduced cells are too active they can cause severe side effects. Olema has used its detailed knowledge of the estrogen receptor and its ligands to develop a CAR T Brake Pedal that can be introduced to the engineered cells along with the CAR and activated only when needed to prevent or relieve side effects.