Pamela Munster, M.D.

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Pamela's clinical research interests are first-in-human early phase clinical trials of novel compounds and alternative strategies for the treatment and prevention of cancer. Pamela has been involved in clinical and translational research in early phase clinical trials since 1998. Pamela is the program leader of the Experiemental Therapeutics Program at the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center and co-leader of the UCSF Center for BRCA Research.

The main focus of Pamela's lab is translating preclinical findings into early-stage clinical trials with extensive analysis of drug pharmacokinetics and integration of pharmacodynamic correlative studies and molecular imaging for patients with advanced stage cancer. Her basic research interest is centered on the role of epigenetic modification in therapy resistance in breast cancer and epigenetic priming. In addition to studying basic mechanisms of hormone therapy resistance, she and her colleagues have shown that epigenetic modification plays a crucial role in the hormonal regulation and carcinogenesis of breast cancer.